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Loose Thoughts

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This poem I wrote a year ago when the discourse among people (even friends) became so strained and angry over the politics of the day that it seemed that free thought and acceptance of one another's ideas were in jeopardy. So I thought a forecast about where all of this could be headed might be useful. We can disagree (even strongly) and still care for one another.

Loose Thoughts

I have something to share. I just had a loose thought!

This old brain isn’t thinking the thoughts that it ought.

I’ve been warned many times a loose thought often spreads.

And a bunch of loose thoughts… they just clutter more heads.

There are people in charge who know good thoughts from bad

because thinking, at one time, was more than a fad.

They say thoughts can’t run free without limits or reins.

All loose thoughts must be caged to protect our weak brains.

When I think for myself, I can’t really be blamed.

Those loose thoughts gather strength and refuse to be tamed.

And it doesn’t take long ‘til they’ve captured my brain

by connecting with others like cars of a train.

Since there’s no way to stop them they pick up more speed.

(Thoughts can take on new life when they sense they’ve been freed.)

I know right where they’re headed. It’s happened before.

Those lose thoughts become words so they won’t be ignored.

And when those with the power hear loose words expressed,

they all gather their weapons and give it no rest.

Condemnation and anger unleash their attack.

closely followed by warning, “You take it all back!”

Though the words try to stand, they eventually lose

buried under a mountain of suitable views.

A new victory’s claimed by all those in the know.

Those loose thoughts were snuffed out, long before they could grow.

So, can any loose thoughts ever swim in their stream?

For now, I’m afraid, that remains just a dream.

When loose thoughts become words and just want to be known

they are only allowed if they’re spoken alone

© KH Meyers 2021 No reprints allowed without permission

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