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Dimples Deserves a Solo

My youngest son often refers to my birthday as another trip around the sun. I kind of enjoy that image of me hurling through space tethered to the sun, yet thankfully, anchored to the surface of this planet. I guess the same expression could be used as I prepare for this new year— another trip around the sun.

Like most of you, I am thinking about those things I would like to accomplish this coming year. Unless something absolutely sinister happens, I will add another book to the shelves at KH Meyers Library called, “Tell Me A Story”. The illustrations, once again, are beautifully conceived by Bekah Grace [Theo the Mouse. A Christmas Story]. Please watch for its arrival and order several since it is an “anytime” book rather than holiday-based. I have a couple of other books ready for this coming year if I want, so perhaps adding to my library is one more bucket-list item I will be able to check off.

So, what else is on my scheduled trip? Concentrating on my health is always good; this has been a fairly successful year in that area as I have cast off a fair amount of weight. And I want to continue. I think I've lost the equivalent number of pounds as all of the butter and cream cheese on the shelves of my local food store. I’ll report to you next December how I do this coming year. It isn’t easy at times. Because I enjoy cooking and baking as hobbies too, taste-testing and crumb-sampling are problems . If you eat enough crumbs in life, you eventually will have eaten a whole cake. (Nice line. I need to use it in something.)

Of course, I want to keep writing for, meeting with and reading to children. The greatest joy I have found in my writing is visiting school literacy events, and community or church craft fairs. Not just for selling my books, but sharing with children and adults about writing. I have mentioned before that at every event there will be more than one adult or young person who confesses to the dream of becoming a writer. It is fun listening to their dreams. Encouraging those dreams is always rewarding. If I can write, anyone can write.

My final desire for the coming year is more of a dream than an actual goal. I am convinced— in my aging brain —that the message and characters in Theo the Mouse are worthy of becoming a Christmas play with mouse-lifting songs, mouse-gripping drama and mouse-stomping choreography. I know. Stop laughing. I prefaced this admission by qualifying it as a dream. Although, I keep hounding a musically gifted young man I know (prodigy if he happens to be reading this) about the songs and music for the play. He hasn’t caught the dream yet, but who knows… the Spirit may strike him this year. But I still need a playwright to put the book into full play format for a percent of the eventual millions. (Is there a book out there: “Playwriting for Dummies”?) For sure, Dimples the Cat and Homer the Dog require extra visibility and stage time ...getting them more involved in the story action. Dimples at least deserves a solo. (You can still order a copy of the book at

So, there you have it as I prepare for my next trip around the sun. I sincerely hope yours is meaningful and you too have at least one dream to chase on your trip around the sun.

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