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Theo the Mouse...A Christmas  Story

Theo the Mouse: A Christmas Story is a wonderful story for all ages to enjoy. It will be a favorite for our family, not just at Christmas, but throughout the whole year. The message is timeless and a great reminder to everyone about what is really important in life.

Pat Sham

Former Elementary Teacher,

Reading Specialist

KH Meyers takes a lifetime of experiences with young people into this fascinating book, sharing his thoughts in a delightfully poetic story that is illustrated wonderfully. Your children and grandchildren are in for a treat.

Michael Aun

Author and Professional Speaker

In a brilliantly crafted twist to a classic story, KH Meyers, forgoes the usual route of the sequel and instead offers a uniquely moving, behind-the-scenes 

adventure, happening simultaneously. Theo the Mouse: A Christmas Story, follows Theo, a caring every-mouse with a Christmas conundrum, to a 
heartfelt conclusion. Made better by the vibrant illustrations of Bekah Grace, this flowing tale is certain to take its place among the annual  Christmastime stories.

Jim Steele

Published author and poet

Theo the Mouse is a Christmas story to be shared with the little ones you love, preferably with hot chocolate and cookies. Theo is a loving papa mouse who wants to provide treats and gifts for his family, but it’s Christmas Eve with not a cookie or a present in sight. 


Patterned after the much-beloved “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, this sweet and charmingly-illustrated tale will be the start of a conversation about the true meaning of Christmas.


As a retired elementary school librarian and lifelong reader, I have quite an extensive collection of books. Every year, I add at least one new Christmas picture book to my collection. This year it will be Theo the Mouse.

KH Meyers has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of Christmas in Theo the Mouse: A Christmas Story. Theo’s thwarted plan to save Christmas for his family is overshadowed by the unexpected results of his adventure and leaves you with a warm feeling that cookies and hot cocoa bring! It is a book that will definitely be added to our grandchildren’s library. This could be the “feel good” children’s book of the year!

Mark Ferguson

Former Elementary Principal,

Classroom teacher

Theo the Mouse. A Christmas Story is a book destined to become a cherished family Christmas story in homes and schools. Be sure to have a cup of hot chocolate and cookies as you read and re-read this timeless tale about Theo and his beloved family.

Barbara McSwain

Former Teacher
Asst. Superintendent
Child Serve, Georgia Learning Resources

Linda Sears

Former School Media Specialist

Theo the Mouse, A Christmas Story 

"I wanna read 'Theo' first!"  My very adamant toddler climbs into my lap beside his twin brother and together wait to relive the story of Theo The Mouse one more time.  My little children are already in love with the story and Theo's brave adventure to bring Christmas cheer to his mousey family. This book is going to be a family favorite for years to come!

KH Meyers poetically tells a story behind a story. The first two lines of the beloved poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Moore have never been considered through the eyes of a little mouse who was indeed stirring! With beautiful illustrations (artfully depicted by Bekah Grace) and a riveting tale, Theo the Mouse is a delight for all ages. Theo begins his journey desiring to collect treats for his family to celebrate Christmas. By the end of the story, Theo is reminded that the true value of Christmas lies in the warm hugs and sweet love of his family. Indeed, a heartwarming tale that our family will read again and again (and again). 

Charis Doerr

Mother and published Author


Charis Doerr and the children

A Halloween Warning

KH Meyers does it again! He pairs his unique writing style with captivating illustrations by Tal Burdine. Children will enjoy this humorous story with a hint of spookiness that sends a message of fun and safety on Halloween night!

Kimberly Hallock

Reading specialist, Consultant, "Foundations for Futures"

A Halloween Warning is "captivating with high quality illustrations. The story is exciting and the illustrations will keep your child's eyes on each page while anxiously waiting tpo see what is coming next. I will enjoy interpreting each page with my 4 year old granddaughter.

Col. Samuel H. Jones,

US Army retired

KH Meyers continues to entertain children with his storytelling poetry. With Tal Burdines's wonderful illustrations, Meyers hooks the reader immediately with the suspense and action of Halloween night, and delivers a clear message about the importance of safety for all kids.

Mrs. Kathy Gibbs, Principal

David Perdue Primary School

The illustrations are great! The fear and gloom of monsters and ogres capture the spirit of Halloween, but the rhymes keep the book fun for children and parents. KH Meyers  incorporated safety tips for kids and used the pictures to show why it is important.

Diane Rivers,

Director of Federal Programs, Literacy Specialist

A Halloween Warning is wonderfully scary.  The author does a superb job and the illustrations lay out a very real reminder of those fears as children embark on their trick-or-treat adventures. With safety rules spelled out at the end.  this book makes a great read for Halloween season.

Blaine Muse

Superintendent of Schools, Osceola County

I love A Halloween Warning and am amazed at KH Meyers' writing style and skill. The book offers  rich vocabulary with vivid "spooktacular" illustrations that children will thoroughly enjoy.

Diane Crook-Nichols,Principal

Michigan Ave. Elementary

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