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I am very interested in visiting schools, libraries and teacher conferences to share some of my stories or what I’ve learned about writing and/or publishing. Currently an on-line virtual visit fee is $100.00 per 50 minutes. An in-person visit is $150.00 per 50 minutes for requests within 50 miles of  Orlando, Fl. Any other visit outside that 50 mile range of Orlando, but still within Florida, is $175 per 50 minutes  Visits outside of Florida are $175 per 50 minutes and traveling expenses. During the presentation I share my journey in writing and publishing and walk through the writing style both Dr. Seuss used and I currently use. 

(Visit prices can be adjusted if there are opportunities to sell books to students during the visit.)

If you would rather schedule a virtual visit with both Bekah Grace, book illustrator, and me, we would be thrilled. We provide an interactive program for the children focusing on both writing and  illustrating. The children are encouraged to submit questions for the Q and A session and then I share with them the writing style that I use and how it is connected to Dr. Seuss.  Bekah then walks them through  an engaging activity that highlights how illustrating and  writing go together. (I encourage you to read the testimony below.)  Rates are the negotiable but far less than commercial author visit prices. Please  let us know how we can help you.

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Thanks for contacting me! 

I'll be in touch soon!

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"Most amazing experience having KH Meyers (author) and Bekah Grace (book illustrator) host a virtual visit at NES (Newmarket Elementary School) !   What an unforgettable experience for the students! They got to ask questions, learn a new writing style, and even create their own characters! Moments like this make me so excited for the students! If you’re looking for an interactive and fabulous experience- they are great!" April 2022

-- Kimberly Helen,  Foundations for Future

Or contact me at:    |    PO Box 700611, St. Cloud, FL.  34770

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