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Ethan the Pirate

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

As my close friends will tell you, I am not drifting into senior citizen status quietly or respectfully. I have become an avid disciple of poet Dylan Thomas's cry to action, " Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!" I find myself raging all too often at my friends' expense. No, I don't like the adjustments I am having to accommodate as the years pile on... those little reminders that this or that part of my body is now refusing to live up to my expectations.

Periodically, though, I remember that with age come lived, precious experiences to look back on and enjoy. I have been blessed beyond measure with family experiences (some of which I have begun telling my grandchildren), friends who have loved and even protected me, and opportunities that I never would have imagined would come my way. So, I may not be going into old age gracefully at times, but I am grateful for the many memories I have cataloged along the way.

Here's a poem I wrote of what a father might tell his son or daughter (change the title to "Anna the Pirate") about wanting to hurry into adulthood. Feel free to let me know what you think of it. It has not been to the editor's desk yet, so keep that in mind.

Ethan the Pirate

You can’t wait to grow up and I do understand.

Time just seems to stand still with your future at hand.

I remember a boy who felt just the same way

If you asked him his story, here’s what he might say:

I was Ethan the pirate, and had always been

from the day I was born, up until I turned ten.

With my room as my hideout and bed as my ship

each new day an adventure– a new sailing trip.

A true vessel I sailed –there was none better built,

storing cannons and powder, she was armed to the hilt.

From her bow to the stern, and deep keel to her mast,

My ship Annabelle sailed unbelievably fast!

Every day I weighed anchor, and traveled the seas

charting courses, new journeys and gold-thieving sprees.

Of my conquests and fights it could only be said

all would yield to my sword or could well end up dead.

With a crew of the toughest and bravest around

they struck fear and foreboding wherever they’re bound.

Though her Majesty’s navy sailed all day and night

they arrived just in time to avoid any fight.

Then, one day I decided to try something new,

no longer a pirate with swashbuckling crew.

With my room just a room and my bed only that

I walked down to the park, with a baseball and bat.

My deep love for adventure was slipping away

traded in for some teammates and ballgames by day.

I now dreamt of home runs and which bases to steal

letting Annabelle drift with no hands at her wheel.

As the years hurried by those old dreams were replaced

as new interests and hobbies were fully embraced.

Before long I had changed from a boy to a man.

Time kept pushing me forward as only time can.

You see, pirates grow up –as most ball players do–

and want back all the days they felt free just like you.

So, don’t rush through these years to become what you’ll be.

For now, hit those home runs and explore the blue sea.

Copyright 2022

KH Meyers.

All rights reserved.

No portion may be copied in any form without written permission from the author.

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