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A Christmas Poem

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The trappings of Christmas are wonderful and very powerful. The colorful lights, beautiful music, anticipation of presents, and the warmth of gatherings with family and friends demand and deserve our attention. Christmas really is a very exciting time filled with so much joy and promise. Each year I do wonder, though, how the increasing attention to the commercial side of Christmas might be affecting the expression of faith, hope and good tidings that were the hallmarks of the original Christmas. This simple Christmas poem was for me ,as I wrote it, a reminder that the first Christmas is the one that still offers the most meaning. Merry Christmas to each of you and a blessed and joyful New Year.

The First Christmas Gift

As this Christmas approaches remember to share

with your love and devotion through music and prayer

that our God became man in the smallest of frame—

the good news of a baby, called “Jesus” by name.

To a maiden of faith did God’s Spirit impart

sacred seed drawn directly from God’s loving heart.

Mary nourished the baby with heart full of joy

knowing grace was embodied in her little boy.

A long journey decreed, to a birth place foretold,

on a donkey as transport that carried their load.

With no room to be purchased, a stable they’d find

where God’s gift of great promise was born to mankind.

By a chorus of angels God’s Son was revealed

to some shepherds attending their flocks in the field:

“Do not fear!”, was their message. “God’s gift is now man!”

So, they rushed to the stable to witness God’s plan.

Upon finding the baby, they shared what they’d heard.

Mary listened intently, adoring each word.

As they knelt near the baby asleep in the hay,

they gave praise to the Father throughout their brief stay.

Bringing gifts for the baby, three traveled for days

as they followed a star to deliver their praise.

Though their gifts represented great status and worth,

they knew nothing they brought would compare to his birth.

Let's remember the scene of that Christmas so bright

when our Father sent gifts to us all that same night.

With the baby came hope and relief from despair—

and forgiveness for sin that we never could bear.

So as Christmas approaches please be certain to share

all the joy in your giving with blessing and prayer.

Greet your family and friends with a heart to proclaim

the good news of a Savior, called “Jesus” by name.

Merry Christmas!

© KH Meyers 2021

Permission is granted to copy for personal use only. This does not include permission for commercial use or publication without written permission.

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4 comentários

Doc, didn't you publish a historical novel?

Ken Meyers
Ken Meyers
09 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

I did but it never got picked up by a publisher.


You are quite the poet, my friend! I love the Christmas poem. May I share it with my family? Is it possible to copy and share? Had you rather I just share your site? Gonna combine them eventually and publish again?

Ken Meyers
Ken Meyers
09 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

You have my permission to copy the poem and use it for family and friends. It may find itself in a collection of poems some day.

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